Apricot Walnut Biscotti

I’ve been on a quest for the perfect biscotti recipe lately; something crunchy but not tooth-breaking… flavorful but not overly sweet. And not too fussy. No chocolate drizzles or exotic ingredients. Also, after reading the endless online debates about what is “authentic” biscotti, I decided I wanted a recipe that had no butter or oil in it. Not because I was looking to make it low fat (though that’s a good bonus), but because it seemed like fat would make it too tender and crumbly.  Basically, I wanted something a little more like hardtack then the fancy stuff I was seeing on Pinterest.

After some hunting and asking around, a friend sent me a snapshot of a crinkled page, and I hit the kitchen, using the recipe below. I’m told it comes from Real Simple, so feel free to look around there if you can’t read this.

The biscotti came out just as I had hoped, and the addition of the apricots created a nice texture and an extra pop of brightness.

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